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By Frank Semeraro, AKA BIG GUN

Certified NRA Pistol Instructor

The Umarex Glock 17 Gen 4 BB Gun is a fantastic training tool.   This is an exact replica of the Glock 17 including size and weight.   It has a full blow back metal slide and a drop free magazine.   I can’t say enough about the quality of this thing.   It shoots .177 bbs and is a lot of fun to shoot.  It also includes 2 backstraps which can be attached to make it fit your hand perfectly.   The standard Glock sights look just like the standard Glock sights and work very well.

With the cost of ammo, this is a great training tool that simulates shooting a real Glock.   If you put this side by side a real Glock, you can’t tell the difference.   You need to be responsible with this because if you wave it around in public people and law enforcement will think it is a real firearm.

This is also a great tool for teaching someone who never fired a real gun to shoot.   It used standard 12 gram C02 cartridges and shoots .177 bb’s, making it real cheap to shoot.  You may not always have ammo or be able to get to the range but with this, you can train any time you want in your own back yard.

 Since it fits a Glock 17 holster you can practice drawing and shooting from a holster.   You can even field strip this just like a real Glock.  When handling this, it should be treated like any other firearm and gun safety should be practiced.

Another thing to keep in mind when shooting is that steel bb’s do ricochet, so make sure you are careful of your surroundings.  I use a steel bb trap in my back yard when I practice.     This shoots at 300 fps which is a little less than some air pistols due to the fact that it uses a little more of the C02 to blow the slide back.

The magazine is metal, which gives it the weight that makes it pretty close to a real Glock.   It has a very nice trigger pull and reset making it a very realistic shooting experience.   This is great for practicing training drills in the back yard and doesn’t make a lot of noise to bother your neighbors.


Here is the link to my video review