Holsters Styles

Inside the Waistband/Pocket Holster

The Original Non-Slip or Clip Concealment Product
The choice of many, NOT an imposter!

REMORA® offers a variety of holsters with different modifications that can be used for pocket & inside the waistband carry.  Our IWB holsters accommodate all forms of concealed carry.  Made in the USA with the highest quality of materials 
IWB holsters start at $27.95

Micro Holsters

The Micro holster is the smallest low-profile concealment holster we offer.  However, don’t let the size concern you, it stays in place and is easy to draw. The Micro holster is a draw side-specific holster that comes equipt with a swivel metal clip that adjusts to your preferred cant. Micro holsters start at $28.95

The open bottom of the Micro accommodates many different firearms with the same-like frame

Tuckable Holster

 Our most popular options for those who carry IWB and wear dress shirts, polos, or their shirt tucked in. The holster comes with a detachable metal clip to aid in putting on the holster. The clip detaches depending on preference. The holster design faces outwards towards the waistband. A Velcro flap enables the user to tuck their shirt between the outside of the holster and the inside of the flap. The holster waistband side has a soft (loop) Velcro covering. The outside of the waistband flap is non-slip rubber, which prevents over-tucking. Tuckable Holsters start at $39.95

Outside the Waistband Holster

Remora’s Best-Kept Secret

The OWB holster features a full-sided Velcro flap that goes over the belt and allows you to cant the holster in the perfect position before securing the Velcro Flap. OWB holsters start at $39.95

 The OWB (Outside the Waistband) Holster can also be used for IWB or Pocket carry.