This is the one I’m “sticking” with

I’ve owned my Remora IWB holster for 2 years now. I carry a .45 S&W Shield, FBI cant, on my hip. Like most of us who carry daily, I have a box of holsters that I’ve tried and carried over the years (most would recognize the makers and brands). Of all of these, it is my Remora that has earned the top spot. The minimal print, the versatility across clothing seasons, the comfort against bare skin, the security of the piece during movement – there’s no holster that I own or that I’ve tried that brings all of those qualities to the table for the firearm I carry. I spend a decent amount of time practicing the draw at home, and on the range against a shot clock and I have heard and read some criticism about re-holstering. They way I see it, if it’s un-holstered, re-holstering will be the smallest concern I have and I have all the time in the world to do it. I want to put my gun on quickly, I don’t want to NEED a belt, I want the cant exactly like I need it to be, I want easy access, a smooth draw and a sticky carry when moving. Remora delivers all of these without compromise. I can’t speak to it’s utility with full sized, heavier pistols, but for carrying a sub-compact pistol (Shield), The Remora is peerless in my experience.