When I first heard about Remora holsters I though “no way, this can’t work”. I was able to get my holster (IWB for Glock 27) for around 15 dollars so I thought “ok, ill bite”. I ordered my holster and it was at my house (PA) in less than a week. I put it on and fell in love with the way it held my gun but i was still unsure about how it would do with no straps or anything securing it to my pants. I have been wearing it over a year now and it is hands down THE BEST HOLSTER I HAVE EVER CARRIED. I have carried a lot of different holsters, some costing me over $100. Nothing compare to Remora. I have told everyone I know about Remora and they have bought and have been just as happy. One of my best friends is a police officer and this is what he carries off duty. I can’t not say enough about how amazing this holster is. Buy and you will not be disappointed. By far the best out there.