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Smith & Wesson Shield EZ

By Frank Semeraro, AKA BIG GUN

Some people carry a revolver because they don’t have the strength to rack the slide on a semi-automatic. I have been trying to get my wife to carry a semi-automatic for years but she can’t rack the slide on any of my firearms.  I started researching and found the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ.

This is a great firearm that is available in .380 or .9mm and holds 8 rounds +1. The slide on this gun is by far the easiest to rack.   You can rack this slide with two fingers.  It is a very well-constructed firearm and is very comfortable. It also comes with a spare magazine.    With a retail price of $450.00, this is a great gun for the money.

The Smith & Wesson Shield EZ has a crisp, light trigger, is lightweight, and has thumb safety. I purchased this gun for my wife and she loves it.

Remora also makes a very nice holster for this gun. If you are looking for a lightweight firearm with the easiest slide to the rack, this is the one for you.