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Ruger LCP .380

By Frank Semeraro, AKA BIG GUN

There may be times that you just can’t carry a large firearm on your person due to the weather or your activities for the day but you still want a reliable compact firearm that you can use to defend yourself.

After evaluating a few pocket pistols I have determined that the Ruger LCP is the best pocket pistol you can buy for the money.   You can get this for well under $300.00.

Ruger firearms are very well constructed and this is no exception.    It is very small with a barrel length of only 2.75″ and is very lightweight at about 9.5 ounces.   It comes with one 6 round magazine.   It has a very crisp trigger pull and the slide is pretty easy to rack.

A .380 is not the best round for a defense situation but is a good backup gun or if it’s your only gun it’s better than being unarmed.   It is ideal for women to carry in a purse or fanny pack and fits nicely in a pocket inside a holster.   Remora makes a nice IWB holster to fit this gun.

If you are running or jogging this is a perfect gun to carry since a large gun would just not be ideal for that situation.  It fits nicely in shirt, pants, or jacket pockets and is very easy to hide.

It is also perfect for women who may be wearing an evening gown and carrying a compact purse.  It gives you an option you may not have with a large gun.

If you are considering a pocket pistol you may want to consider the Ruger LCP .380