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Remora Fitment Chart

Look up the make and model of your firearm to determine the correct size for your holster

Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1976 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. They have the latest news and resources on your rights.

We are a Database of Information on Carrying Firearms legally for Self-Defense. As we have time, we continue to add basic, related information. However, this site is focused on Concealed Carry. That is all we will try to be.

Gun Genius

Every month, publishes the monthly Top Selling Report: reporting the Top 5 Best Selling Guns for each major category of firearms sold on 


GunStreamer is a user-generated video sharing site, featuring anything related to guns or weapons for informational and entertainment purposes.  GunStreamer is a platform that is for-

Handgun Hero

Handgun Hero lets you visually compare any two handguns side-by-side. Compare old pistols vs new pistols, pocket revolvers vs subcompacts, or anything else.


This is an information-only website presented as a public service for the purpose of providing technical data and pricing on as many handguns as we can find on the market today. 

Ballistic Calculator

Our calculator creates a proper ballistics trajectory chart that details range, drop, velocity, energy (fps), wind drift, and time. It takes into effect things like atmospheric conditions, wind, and even allows you to make projections shooting both up and downhill. No other free online calculator does.

The Handgun Caliber Comparison Chart And Guide

One of the most critical topics for pistols is different calibers. That is why we made our pistol caliber comparison chart and guide.

Gun Values By Gun Digest

Easily look up new and used firearm values. Gun Values by Gun Digest brings you the authority of our annual gun pricing guide, The Standard Catalog of Firearms, in a simple online package. Search or browse models and manufacturer info for free.

Gun Manufacturer Links

Click on a company’s name to visit its web site

Local Retail and Ranges Near You

Browse the database of local shooting ranges, retail firearms stores, training facilities, and gunsmiths by clicking on your state in the map. New locations are added daily.