The Complete Remora Road Rig


   Is the perfect companion on your daily commute to work or traveling across the country with your family.  You can feel confident and safe knowing that protection is readily available in any situation. This versatile holster easily attaches to any car/truck and can be removed and used for Inside the waistband or pocket carry in seconds.


Before using Remora’s Road Rig check with state and local laws for this form of vehicle carry.  If exiting vehicle and not taking the firearm with extra passengers in the vehicle lock firearm in the center console or glove box. If exiting vehicle and not taking firearm with no passengers cover firearm with a towel or do as if passengers are in vehicle.

Do not leave firearm in vehicle overnight attached to the Remora Road Rig or when not using vehicle.

The Remora Road Rig is a holster system specifically created for the vehicle, IWB and pocket carry. 

 Most modifications can be added for customization of the holster. Enjoy the same comfort and security  you have come to know and love with our holsters.

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To install –
Start with 12 inches of loop Velcro facing up over the top of the seat to the back of the seat between the back rest of the seat and the bottom of the seat. Stretch the other end of the strap with the 5 inches of hooked Velcro under the seat front to back. This will fasten to the 12 inches of loop Velcro on the other end. Make sure that the 9 inches of hook Velcro is over the front of the front seat leaving just a couple of inches of the hook Velcro on the upper edge of the seat. This is where your holster will attach. Pull the elastic as tight as you can. It is a little easier with four hands. Under the 9 inches of hook Velcro on the seat side there is Remora’s non slip material that keeps the strap in place so it does not shift where the holster is attached to the strap.

Now that the strap is installed you can attach your holster and firearm. (Make sure that your firearm is unloaded for the initial holster set up) Simply press the holster and firearm against the strap. You can attach the holstered firearm at your preferred height and cant.

There is a restraint strap included with the rig. If you want to use the restraint strap center the end that is Velcroed together over the top of the gun pull down each side of the restraint strap tight and press to each side of holster.

Included is a Velcro / Non slip patch that can be wrapped around the holster just below the trigger guard. This will make the holster non slip and now the gun can be carried in the Road Rig holster IWB or in the pocket.

To reinstall the holster to the car strap simply remove the Velcro / Non slip patch and install to strap in vehicle.

If you have any questions you can contact Remora at
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or call 863-696-2459

Modification descriptions: SEE PRODUCT INFORMATION PAGE

Product Care:
Cleaning Instructions:
1. Using a mild dish soap (Dawn or like soap), wash the exterior holster/product with a sponge or dishcloth
2. Rinse well with water removing excess soap.
3. Let the holster/product air dry completely before use.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz