Original “RFT” (IWB) Inside The Waistband Holster *


Original “No Clip, Non-Slip” concealment holster with reinforced top “RFT” modification.
The unique design of our RFT holster allows you to safely, smoothly & securely one-handed re-holster draw after draw.

  • Hand manufactured in the USA.
  • Estimated to SHIP in 10-14 business days.
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REMORA’S RFT HOLSTER for Inside The Waistband (IWB) CARRY.  

REMORA Original “No Clip, Non-Slip” Inside the Waistband concealment holster with Reinforced Top modification abbreviated “RFT”.  A Kydex insert is sewn into the holster, (Reinforced Top) which keeps the mouth of the holster open.  Our RFT holster offers a unique design that allows you to safely, smoothly & securely one-handed re-holster draw after draw with IWB carry.  Added Large Light/Laser accommodation is not available on the RFT Holster.

  • Ambidextrous
  • The outer skin is a rubberized nonslip fabric
  • Inner padding provides comfort as well as retention for firearm
  • Kydex insert to keep the mouth of holster open
  • Non-slip binding
  • Smooth interior lining for a seamless draw
  • Marine-grade thread
  • Water-resistant / fire retardant / lightweight / durable

Modifications Descriptions:

  • Artemis Cut: abbreviated “art” is a lower profile cut that allows a better master grip, available on select holster sizes. Photo comparison available on the product image.

Lining Options:

  • Standard Denier: smooth black denier.
  • Black Ultra Plush: upgraded lining that gives a smoother draw as well as an ultra-plush interior for your firearm.

Product Care:

  • Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Using a mild dish soap (Dawn or like soap) gently wash the exterior holster/product with a sponge or dishcloth
    2. Rinse well with water and make sure excess soap is removed.
    3. Let the holster/product air dry completely before use.

Video Demonstration:

Learn more about our products and modification options on our PRODUCT INFO page.
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Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .2 in