Original (In The Waistband) IWB/Pocket Holster


Inside the Waistband / Pocket holster features our original non-slip material

The entire outer skin of the holster helps it stay in place.

The inner padding holds the firearm in place until drawn with a small amount of compression.

The inside lining ensures a smooth draw and reholstering.

Now able to accommodate Red Dot Sites

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Comes with standard black denier lining. Ultra plush provides extra protection & smoother draw
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REMORA Inside the Waistband/Pocket Holster 

  • Ambidextrous before customizations
  • The outer skin is a rubberized non-slip fabric
  • Inner padding provides comfort as well as retention for firearm
  • Smooth interior lining for a seamless draw
  • Marine-grade thread
  • Water-resistant / fire retardant / lightweight / durable
Modifications Descriptions:
  • Attached Magazine Compartment: carries an extra magazine, speed strip, small flashlight, or knife.
  • Sweat Shield protects you from “hammer gouge” and similar irritations.  Protects your weapon from body oils and sweat.
  • Full Sweat Shield: provides total coverage preventing any contact with the firearm. Protects against pistol gouge from hammers, beavertails, and rough grips.
  • Now able to accommodate Red Dot Sites/small and large lasers/lights 
  • Plush lining is a soft velour fabric 
Product Care:
Cleaning Instructions:
1. Using a mild dish soap (Dawn or like soap) wash the exterior holster/product with a sponge or dishcloth
2. Rinse well with water removing excess soap.
3. Let the holster/product air dry completely before use.
The video demonstrations show how to conceal and the heat-fitment of your Remora.


Learn more about our products and modification options on our PRODUCT INFO page.
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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions .1 × .1 × .1 in