Remora Ambidextrous Sweat Shield/2-IN-1 Holster

For a limited time-$31.95

The Remora Ambidextrous Sweat Shield 2 in 1 Holster

At the request of many of our Remora customers, two great holsters styles have been merged into one holster.


Remora Ambidextrous Sweat Shield Holster & the Remora 2 in 1 Holster

  • Protects the top of the gun or upper slide of the gun from body oils and sweat
  • Protects the user from “Hammer Gouge” or similar irritations

Clip IWB holster Features a swivel clip to accommodate your preferred cant. Now not draw side-specific with use of a snap-on both sides of the holster for either right hand or left-hand draw.

No Clip option can be used IWB, Pocket or other forms of carrying. Great to use in conceal carry purses