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Improve Your Shooting Skills with a SIRT Pistol

By Frank Semeraro, AKA BIG GUN

As you know, shooting is a perishable skill and if you don’t train enough those skills will start to diminish.
One way to improve your shooting skills is by using a SIRT Pistol. SIRT stands for Sight Indicator Resettable Trigger. A SIRT pistol is a dry fire pistol that shoots a laser beam out of the barrel and indicates where you would have hit on your target.
When using laser cartridges that you drop into the chamber of your gun, you will need to rack the slide before every shot. With the SIRT pistol after you pull the trigger, it resets allowing you to shoot multiple shots without racking the slide.

The SIRT pistol is completely safe since it does not have a moving slide and will not accept ammunition. You can practice any time or anywhere and you can use anything as a target. This is a SIRT model 110 which is the exact size of the Glock 17 and the weighted magazine make the weight pretty close. It comes with one removable weighted magazine which allows you to practice magazine swaps.
By using the SIRT pistol you can practice your grip, breath and trigger control, sight alignment, and sight picture. You can also practice drawing from a holster and shooting on the move. This is a must-have for new shooters to learn firearm safety as well as experienced shooters to keep their skills sharp.
The retail price of the SIRT is around $240.00. You may think it seems expensive but if you use it twice for an hour each time it will pay for itself in what you would have spent on ammunition.
This is a well-made product and is made in the USA and in my opinion, is the best thing you can do to practice firearm safety and improve your shooting skills.
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