Holster Modifications

Regular IWB without Modifications

Sweat Shield

Full Sweat Shield

inside waistband holster
The Sweat Shield Modification (S.S) protects the top of the gun or upper slide of the gun from body oils and sweat. The S.S.” modification protects the user from “Hammer Gouge” or similar irritations.
The Full Sweat Shield Modification (F.S.) is complete protection from body sweat and debris. The F.S. style provides total coverage from the firearm having any contact with the carrier. This prevents any chance of chaffing, gouging, from hammers, beavertails and aggressive grips. This comfortable holster still allows for a perfect master grip.
The Full Sweat Shield Modification is not available with “RFT” holsters. The rigid foam used for the RFT modification is not compatible with the Full Sweat Shield.

Ultra Plush Black lining

    This ultra-plush velour 

liner provides soft 

protection and assists 

for a smoother draw

Magazine Holster

 The Remora Plus Mag Holster has a magazine compartment attached to the holster. The compartment allows for an extra magazine, speed strip, or small flashlight.