Holster Modifications Defined

Artemis Cut

Artemis Cut-   (ART)   The holster is cut lower in the front 

This modification has a lower profile where the trigger guard meets the grip allowing for a better master grip.

Due to safety concerns, this modification is not available on all holster sizes.*

Reinforced Top

A plastic insert is sewn into the mouth of the holster holding it open for easier reholstering. It provides the same high degree of weapon retention as other holsters. Primarily for someone who would draw their firearm often

Clip Options

2 in 1 Clip- The holster can be used with or without this clip. The clip snaps on and off.  It swivels to adjust for the perfect cant

Stationary Clip-  A wide clip that slides through marine-grade webbing. A holster with this clip isn’t going anywhere.

Ulti Clip- A alligator-style clamp clip made especially for holsters.  It can be used in place of either Remora clip, which you will receive along with the Ulti Clip


Without Sweatshield

Sweat Shield

Full Sweat Shield

inside waistband holster

The Sweat Shield Modification (S.S) protects the top of the gun or upper slide of the gun from body oils and sweat. The “S.S.” modification protects the user from “Hammer Gouge” or similar irritations.


The Full Sweat Shield Modification (F.S.) is complete protection from body sweat and debris. The “F.S.” style provides total coverage from the firearm having any contact with the carrier. This prevents any chance of chaffing, or gouging, from hammers, beavertails, and aggressive grips. This comfortable holster still allows for a perfect master grip.


The Full Sweat Shield Modification is not available with “RFT” holsters. The rigid foam used for the RFT modification is incompatible with the Full Sweat Shield.

Red Dot/RMR Sights and Laser Modifications

Red Dot and RMR Sight Holsters are made to cover the laser/light to protect against dirt and debris. When ordering please list the laser/light model in the drop-down box to ensure perfect fitment

Interior Lining Upgrades

We offer a wide variety of lining upgrades:



Pink/Pink Camo


Digital Camo

Woodland Camo

Attached Magazine Holster

This holster has a magazine compartment attached. The compartment allows for an extra magazine, speed strip, or small flashlight.


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