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Get a Grip


  • By Frank Semeraro – AKA “Big Gun”


      As much as we may love our guns, they are not always comfortable mainly due to the factory grips.    Most factory grips are not the best quality since this is one area they can skimp to keep the cost down.    In order to shoot effectively, it is extremely important to maintain a proper grip.    If you can’t grip your gun properly or comfortably, you may want to think about changing your grips.

The purpose of an aftermarket grip is to improve the factory grip by either adding more texture or more girth, so your hands don’t slip and you manage recoil better.  It’s also a comfort issue.  Different grips can reduce the vibration of the gun and make them feel more comfortable.   Depending on the type of firearm you have will determine the choices of available grips.  I have reviewed many grips for many different guns and will provide you with the options available to help you make your decision.


Polymer Frame Guns – If you own a firearm with a polymer frame such as a Glock, S&W Shield, Springfield XDS, etc., you are limited to your grip choices.  The only type of grips available are rubber sleeves or tape grips.     Talon makes great quality tape grips with different textures.   Here is my review of the Talon Grips.  For rubber sleeve grips, Houge makes a great rubber grip sleeve.   Here is my review of the Houge Grips.

Metal Frame Guns – If you own a metal frame gun such as a revolver or a 1911 pistol, you have many other choices available since the grips are replaceable, not built into the frame.   I will cover the most common grip options.

            Rubber Grips – Rubber grips are comfortable and help reduce vibration and shock.    Rubber grips are also very good for wet or sweaty hands.   However, the rubber may grab the skin or clothing when trying to draw.

            Wood Grips – Nothing looks better than exotic wood grips, they are beautiful.   Wood grips can be a little slick and may be harder to maintain a firm grip with wet or sweaty hands but are smooth on the skin and won’t grab clothing.  Altamont makes beautiful wood grips.  Here is my review of the wood grips.

            G10 Grips – In my opinion, G10 grips are king. G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate created by stacking multiple glass cloth layers. This is done by soaking the glass in epoxy resin. Then by heat and pressure, it is compressed into shape.  As with most fiberglass, this stacking provides amazing strength and durability. . G-10 will not rust or oxidize. It won’t become brittle or soften over time. This means it is basically maintenance-free.   G10 grips are available in many cool colors and textures.   Keep in mind that some textures are very aggressive and will irritate your skin if you carry IWB.   I have very mild texture G10 grips on my 1911 and they are very comfortable.   LOK Grips makes the best G10 grips on the market.   Here is my review of G10 grips.

Now that you have your options it may make it easier for you to make a selection and Get a Grip