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Dry Fire Training

By Frank Semeraro, AKA BIG GUN


If you aren’t familiar with Dry Fire Training, I would like to explain what it is and why you should be doing it.

Simply put, dry fire training is the practice of shooting a firearm without live ammunition.   With the cost of ammunition or lack of availability, you may not have the opportunity to practice shooting at the range as often as you would like.   Shooting is a perishable skill that will start to erode if you don’t practice frequently.   If you only practice shooting your firearm at the range with live ammunition, you may start to develop bad habits.    Most gun ranges will not allow you to shoot your firearm while drawing from a holster and will certainly not allow you to practice shooting while moving around.


Dry fire training allows you to practice and improve your skills with shooting live ammunition.   Since you will not be using live ammunition, it is safe, quiet, and can be practiced anytime, anywhere.    There are two methods of Dry Fire Training.    The First method is the use of Snap Caps and the second method is the use of a Laser Cartridge.


Snap Caps – Also known as dummy rounds, are bullets that do not contain a primer or gun powder and have a rubber cushion where the primer would be that protects your firing pin.   There are many different brands out there and the cost is about $15.00 for a pack of 5.    I use A-Zoom snap caps which are made of aluminum.    Just stay away from the ones made of plastic, which will crack over time.     They are available in almost any caliber for semi-automatic pistols as well as revolvers.

You simply load the snap caps into your magazine or cylinder and practice firing.  This is a great way to safely practice firing your firearm without the need to go to the range or waste valuable ammunition.



Laser Cartridges – Are devices that insert into the chamber and emit a red dot every time you pull the trigger allowing you to see where you would have shot if you were using live ammunition.     The cost of Laser Cartridges are between $40.00 and $60.00

There are many different brands on the market and I use the Pink Rhino Laser Cartridge.

You can tape a target on the wall and practice shooting.    The red laser will hit your target every time you pull the trigger.  This is an excellent way to train and keep your skills sharp.

To see Dry Fire Training in action watch our video by clicking on this link.

If you aren’t Dry Fire Training, you should start.   Pick up your Firearm, Snap Caps, Laser Cartridge, and your Remora Holster, and start training today.