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CCW Insurance


What is it and, do you need it and is it worth it

  • By Frank Semeraro – AKA “Big Gun”

CCW insurance is a hot topic these days.   I have done extensive research on this subject and is not possible to compare apples to apples since they are all bundled differently.   Before you jump in and purchase one of these products there are some things you should know before you make a decision.

Technically, although the companies call it CCW Insurance, none of the companies are Insurance Companies.    They are memberships to a pre-paid legal team.  You pay a monthly or yearly fee and in the event you have to use your firearm, they have a legal team that will defend you.

The reason it isn’t technically insurance is because insurance is regulated state by state and this type of coverage does not pay your liability only legal fees and expenses.

The big question is do you really need it.   Only you can decide that.   Statistically, you are very unlikely to find yourself in a position that you will need this insurance but if the situation does arise, it is very expensive not to have it.

Carrying a weapon comes with responsibilities and consequences.    If you are ever forced to defend yourself there can be complicated charges and legal issues that come from using your weapon.  Even if you are 100% innocent you can still be arrested and charged with a crime when using your firearm in self-defense, you could also be sued by family members of the person that you shot in a civil case that could cost you a fortune.

Any time I go to a store, restaurant, mall, etc., the first I do is scan my surroundings.  I then ask myself if an active shooter were to appear would I be in a position to take the shot without hurting innocent people.    Since it is not easy to determine if there is a person behind the door or wall I say to myself, I may not be able to take the shot.

If your life is on the line, you don’t know what you would do or how you will react.   If I did feel it was necessary to take the shot it would be comforting to know I have the legal and financial support to help me through the process. 


Most of the providers cover the following

  • Bail
  • Criminal court case and attorney fees
  • Civil court case and attorney fees
  • Witness fees
  • Personal hardship (lost wages, clean-up fees, etc.)
  • Post-incident therapy
  • Lost firearm replacement

Some of the questions you should ask the company offering the product:

  • Does it cover you in all 50 states
  • Can you choose your own attorney
  • What is the financial limit
  • Are fees and costs paid up front
  • Do you need to have a CCW permit in order to be covered
  • Does this include accidental discharge or accidents


As I mentioned earlier, it is not possible to compare apples to apples since the coverages and costs vary dramatically from company to company so you need to make sure that if you do decide to purchase this product you are well informed.

The major players in the game are:

  • US Law Shield
  • Second Call Defense
  • CCW Safe


I hope this gives you the information to ask the proper questions before purchasing one of these products.