Additional Support

Products that have our any of our four non slip fabrics may be washed as needed to remove body oils and sweat from the material.Instructions:

1. Using a mild dish soap gently wash the exterior holster/product with a sponge or dishcloth

2. Rinse well with water and make sure excess soap is removed.

3. Let holster/product air dry completely before use.

Artemis Modification
Artemis “ART” modification is available on select holster sizes. It is a lower profile cut that allows for a better master grip. When selecting your gun manufacturer and model if your holster size already includes “ART” on our holster number for your firearm that means we have determined that this cut is preferred for your firearm. Some firearms like the photo below have the option to add this modification by selecting “YES” in the checkbox when you are creating your holster.

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