Accessories and Alternative Carry

Magazine Holders


Includes 2 single mag holders, which can accommodate an extra speed strip or knife.


Holds a single stack .22 to a double stack .45.

 Dual Magazine Holder

Double the load with our Dual Magazine Holder.  They fit anywhere inside the waistband or pocket carry. 

Each compartment holds a single stack .22 to a double stack .45.

Carry All- 3 Compartment Magazine & Accessory Holder

This holder features 3 compartments, which accommodate a speed strip or small flashlight and a little more


Each compartment holds a single stack .22 to a double stack .45.

Inside or Outside the Waistband

Cell Phone Holders

Remora’s cell phone holder features our non-slip outer material.  It can easily be used for IWB/pocket carry.  A smooth lining protects your cell phone and allows it to be easily removed from the holder.
Dimensions: 4.5″ WIDE (maximum width accommodation) x 6″ TALL

For an additional fee, the holder size can be altered. Please call customer service.



The outer material of this lightweight wallet features Remora’s non-slip material.  Our unique material makes your wallet stay in place and keeps your money from slipping away. The inside of the wallet features pockets to accommodate credit cards, money, or business cards. The velcro latch will tightly secure all of your contents.