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A Day At The Range by Frank Semeraro

We all love shooting our guns and improving our shooting skills. One of the best ways to improve our skills is going to the range. Let us prepare for our trip to the range and determine what we should bring.

Range Bag – The most important essential you should have. A good quality range bag should be durable and have enough compartments to store your firearms, ammo, magazines, etc. There are a lot of range bags on the market and I have gone through a bunch of them. The Orca Tactical Range bag is an excellent quality bag with many storage compartments. This bag is very rugged and will last you many years. I have reviewed this bag and here is the link to my review. Orca Tactical Range Bag Review

Eye Protection – You should have a good pair of eye protection, clear and tinted for indoors/outdoors.

Ear Protection – Ear protection is a must. Disposable in the earplugs or headset style. Your ear protection should be rated at 28 decibels minimum.

Spare Magazines – You should always carry a few spare magazines in case of failure.

Cleaning Kit – A cleaning kit or a bore snake as a minimum should be part of your range kit.

Brass Rod & Mallet – If you ever experience a squib load, this will come in very handy.

Band-Aids/First Aid Kit – You can never go wrong with having band-aids at the range. I sliced my fingers loading magazines many times.

Speed Loader – I always carry a speed loader so I can spend more time shooting and less time loading magazines.

Small Flashlight – You should have a small flashlight to check for obstructions in your barrel.

Screwdriver Set – A Set designed for your gun and one designed for scope rings and mounts.

Gun Oil – You can always use Gun Oil

TimerFor timed drills.

Log Book and Pen – Record your shooting scores.

Plastic Bags – To keep your brass and things.

Luggage Tag – You will see a lot of black range bags.

I hope this list is helpful to you for a successful day at the range.

 Frank Semeraro AKA “Big Gun”