Remora Holsters

Don’t worry about the the size


Any style of holster we offer WILL fit your firearm!

Choose the holster that will work best for you, and if your make and model is not listed, simply choose “not listed” and type it in. Answer a few more questions to customize to perfection.


Lasers/Lights/Red Dot/RMR

To ensure the best fitment of your holster, it is recommended to list your laser/light/red dot model in the order notes section at checkout.

A small laser/light does not- fall below the trigger guard or extend past the barrel.
Examples of small lasers-
Crimson Trace,
C Trace Railmaster
CT Laserguard
Lasermax & Lasermax Grip Sense
Lima Laser
TLR 4, TLR 7,TLR 12

A large laser/light extends- below the trigger guard or past the barrel.

Examples of large lasers-
Crimson Trace CMR 28
Night Stick TWM850XLS
Olight Baldr
Pl Olight Mini
TLR 1, TLR 2, TLR 3,

RMR/RED DOT holsters are covered unless otherwise specified “LOW PROFILE” in the order notes at checkout

Covered Red Dot                                                                                       Low Profile Red Dot




Remora Holsters are handmade to fit your exact firearm specifications. Our revolutionary holster material molds to your firearm, ensuring a perfect, snug fit.

Check out this video to learn more!

Artemis Cut

The holster is cut low as possible in the front to allow better access to the grip.  Due to safety concerns, this modification feature is unavailable on all firearms.  If you choose Artemis cut we will accommodate you if possible.

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Ultra Plush Black lining

 This ultra-plush velour liner provides soft protection and assists for a smoother draw

 Leather Lining

The soft leather lining enhances the entire holster